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Do you like cartoons and comics?

I know, right. Who doesn’t.

You have to check out the cartoon and comic blog at Cartoons and Comics. You’ll find everything from new comics to the old classic comics that you may have forgotten.

Head on over there and take a look.


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Set Up Your Blog

laptopboyWhen you go to Amazon to buy a book, do you ever check to see if the author has a blog or website? I know I do and virtually every author in the author Facebook group I’m with has one.

That’s where you want to direct your readers or potential readers. Now I don’t plan to write a hot to set up a blog section as there’s plenty of those out there. I’ll just suffice to say I recommend buying a domain name and setting up a WordPress blog because you own it and no one can take it away.

The 2nd route is to go to and easily set one up. I have some there as well and since Google owns it, they give you some love, so to speak. But they can take it away from you if they decide to. They seldom do but I have heard of some who have lost their Blogger blogs.

Here’s an example of one I have set up for kids, an audience I write many stories for. is a fun site to write and you can set one up like this as well.

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Scary Stories for Kids

Awhile back I started writing scary stories for kids. It’s a blast. Kids love to be scared and they have an open mind. It allows me to write fantasy that some adults might shake their head at.

Actually young adults books are increasing in popularity just for that reason. Authors have more freedom to write to entertain. You still have to keep it reasonable but something like a portal hole or a parallel world works for kids and is scoffed at by some adults.

I write for both audiences but have devoted a series to kids and young adults. The website is ScaryChills and is becoming pretty popular. I am not lacking for ideas for new books as kids are writing me with what they’d like to see all the time.

My grandson is 9 years old and he’s my best friend. I know lots of his friends and coach youth sports so it gives me a good perspective on kids that age and what they are into.

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First Step to Publishing Kindle Books

OK. We talked about finding what niche you want to write in. Now head on over to Amazon and sign up to be a self published with them. Here’s the link.

Second paragraph is headed Kindle Books. Either click on Learn More if you want to read more about it (good idea) and then click on Get Started. It’s self explanatory. Now you have you’re account and it’s time to write a book.


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Writing Kindle Books

Amazon Kindle has opened a new world to anyone who has ever considered writing a book. You no longer have to go through the process of submitting a script and having it ignored forever.

I started writing in December 2011 and haven’t looked back. It’s not all a bed of roses and don’t expect to make your mark overnight but as I write this over 2000 of my books have been purchased.

If you’re thinking of writing a book, first decide where your interest lies. Then start reading books written by others in that field. It’s one of the best ways to learn.

More on writing Kindle books next time.

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U.S. Vacation Spots

U.S. Vacation SpotsSince I started my site about Haunted Vacations, many people have written me and asked if I had similar information about U.S. vacation spots.

Yes. Yes I do. (Phineas and Ferb lovers will get that)

We have taken many vacations as a family and all of them have been in the United States. Our favorites are Disney, both in Florida and California, Niagara Falls and the east coast. I’ll have additional thoughts on those.

I’ll provide you with more than just my experiences. I get lots of stuff from my readers, from other authors, and from all over so you will find out a lot about vacationing in these United States. I’ll leave the trips abroad to others.

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Back Pain Relief

Who doesn’t suffer from back pain?

There are proven ways to help you get relief from back pain. It takes a combination of things, including exercise, sometimes weight loss, as well as other methods. Follow these links to find out how to set up a complete program to relieve your back pains.

Back Pain Relief
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The Hunter in WOW

WOW Hunter symbolThe Hunter is actually a absolute damage dealing class and is not capable of either tanking or healing. Their primary damage is produced by their ranged attacks that they make with a Gun, Bow, or Crossbow.

The Hunter is known for his power to tame pets which will battle for him. The Tame Beast ability appears following completing some Hunter quests at level 10.

When you finally tame a beast you’ll be able to summon him any time you please. Additionally you can leave your pet at a stable, which will generally be located outside of the Inn and near Hunter trainers, while you tame another.

You may have two pets in your stable with one at your side and you can then change pets for different occasions, The pets recently attained their own personal talent tree making them much more powerful compared to what they were before.

The Hunter, in most cases, can still do much more damage than his pet. He primarily fires shots and stings at a distance. He also has great slowing abilities to keep enemies away from him such as traps, and slowing shots.

He is a versatile damage dealer which should be moved around a lot. Killing is still something he is very good at with no class as good as the Hunter.

The Hunter can Feign Death. I like to compare that to playing possum. This saves him in many scenarios from being killed, which ultimately saves him a lot of gold in the long run. The Hunter does have various other expenses that the other classes do not have such as requiring ammunition as well as food for their pet.

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MMORPG games, such as World of Warcraft, just seem to be continuing to grow. I wanted to try to keep up with bringing you information on these games, so I set up a new MMORPG Games site. It’s in it’s infancy but should grow quickly.

Rift seems to be making it’s mark and Star Wars: the Republic is being touted by some as being the next huge mmorpg game. I don’t doubt this since Star Wars is so popular. Pre orders for this game are looking promising.

Some mmorpgs are starting to offer new players chances to get into the action at no cost in hopes of luring them. WOW used to offer a 30 day free trial but now offers you their starter version and you can play up to level 20.

I don’t know about you but I’m anxious to see what the world of mmorpg brings in the near future.

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MMORPG games are obviously popular and the list keeps growing. There are a lot of new games for you to enjoy and there are also game guides that can help you get the most from many of the games.

I just started a new MMORPG Game Site so that I can concentrate more on these games and bring you the information you need. It’s in it’s infancy so there are not many articles there yet, but I have started adding some help to those of you playing World of Warcraft.

I’ll also be setting up a section there in the future where you can add some of your own tips or even pictures and updates of your gaming experience.

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